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Organisation Analysis and Development

Created: 2015-01-22
Author: Mariagrazia Rocchigiani, Denis Herbel
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Organisational Change Organisational Planning Stakeholder Engagement

From the original document:

The effectiveness of organisations depends on many factors, but it all starts with careful design and good process involving all stakeholders. This learning module offers tools, concepts, and advice from best practices in order to help its users obtain a better understanding of how rural organisations can be developed to perform effectively. It aims to reach all actors committed to the eradication of hunger and to sustainable agriculture and rural development.

This module focuses on strengthening organisations to empower smallholder and family farmers to become agents of change to create better and more sustainable livelihoods for themselves, their community and their societies. To achieve this it is also important to ensure there is an enabling environment for rural organizations to thrive, which requires that there are also good functioning government institutions, private businesses and market organisations.

This learning module is the fourth in the FAO Capacity Development Series as part of FAO’s corporate strategy. We hope it will serve as a key resource to development practitioners and improve their capacities in addressing food security and rural development challenges through effective organisational development approaches.

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