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Leading a Nonprofit Organisation: Tips and Tools for Executive Directors and Team Leaders

Created: 2014-10-07
Author: Unknown Author Language: English
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Who would find this resource useful?

New or current Executive Directors, or anyone leading or managing a team/committee within a nonprofit.


An organisation might use this resource when….

Wishing to strengthen its leadership capacity or that of others


How can this resource help?

Strengthening Nonprofits: A Capacity Builder’s Resource Library contains guidebooks and e-learnings on the following topics:

1. Conducting a Community Assessment
2. Delivering Training and Technical Assistance
3. Designing and Managing a Subaward Program
4. Going Virtual
5. Identifying and Promoting Effective Practices
6. Leading a Nonprofit Organization: Tips and Tools for Executive Directors and Team Leaders
7. Managing Crisis: Risk Management and Crisis Response Planning
8. Managing Public Grants
9. Measuring Outcomes
10. Partnerships: Frameworks for Working Together
11. Sustainability
12. Working with Consultants

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