Partnerships & Networks

Partnerships are greater than the sum of their parts: by working together the partnership achieves more than each organisation would achieve by working on its own. The partners involved may also become more competent and effective as a result of the relationship.

The most effective partnerships are:

  • Equitable relationships in which two or more organisations work together towards mutually agreed common or complementary goals;
  • Characterised by a high level of mutual trust and respect, and transparency;
  • Identified strategically with prior consideration of how the partnership contributes to the organisation’s objectives; and
  • Well-managed and reviewed regularly.

Networking involves interacting with individuals or organisations with similar interests or concerns to provide mutual benefits. Benefits include better access to information, expertise and resources; extending your organisation’s reach and impact; solidarity and support over particular issues; and increased visibility and credibility. Networking can be face-to-face or virtual; informal, ad-hoc and on-going; or formally established to achieve a particular purpose in a given timeframe.


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