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Workshop Bank

Created: 2016-04-25
Author: Unknown authors Language: English
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This website provides users with a wide range of online learning tools related to facilitation.

These are particularly valuable if you have complex organisational issues to resolve, problems with team members and social cohesion, or a complex problem you need to solve with the help of many different stakeholders.

On the website you will find tools to help you:

  • Organise your team’s roles and responsibilities
  • Develop an idea through the use of creative problem solving tools
  • Run effective workshops
  • Plan your project effectively
  • Run virtual meetings and workshops

These are just a short summary of many more helpful tools available on their website. The WorkshopBank also kindly provide useful pdf copies of all their materials, which you can receive by email, to later print and use in your work.

Courtesy of the Workshop Bank
All rights reserved.

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