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Strategic Planning Toolkit

Created: 2012-11-14
Author: Janet Shapiro Language: English
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Mission Organisational Planning Strategic Plan

Who would find this resource useful?

This toolkit will help you if you have had only limited experience in planning or in strategic planning. Perhaps you have not been involved in running an organisation, project or department before. Or perhaps you have not been involved in the planning side of the work before. Or perhaps you have always focused on action planning and now realise how important strategic planning is. If strategic planning is new, or fairly new, to you, then you should find this toolkit useful.

An organisation might use this resource when….

  • You need to plan strategically as well as operationally and to make a distinction between the two.
  • You need some ideas to help you plan a strategic planning process.
  • You begin the planning for a new project or organisation.
  • You feel you need to review your strategic framework.

How can this resource help?

It provides a model for taking an organisation through a strategic planning process. It covers planning to do strategic planning, covering the background issues that need to inform or direct the strategic planning process, and then defining the strategic framework for the project or organisation activities. It is this strategic framework that gives the activities coherence and direction. It includes practical exercises to use during a strategic planning process.

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1 user found this resource useful.

This is exactly what I need to start some strategic planning. I just skimmed through this document and can already tell there are so many relevant que...
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19/12/2022 3:29pm

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