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Internal Communication Toolkit

Created: 2014-10-07
Author: Oluwakorede Asuni Language: English
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Communication Strategy

Who would find this resource useful?

This toolkit will be useful for all organisations that want to improve their internal communication. In particular, it will be useful for those organisations that want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their organisation by creating increased cohesion among staff, management and volunteers. In addition, the toolkit also offers food for thought and some tips for organisations that may already feel that they have effective internal communication process but want to ensure that these are maintained and utilised consistently.


An organisation might use this resource when….

It needs to strengthen its internal communication or develop and internal communications strategy


How can this resource help?

This toolkit offers you an opportunity to think hard about whether your organisation needs to improve its internal communication. If you decide you need to, it offers practical guidance on how to do it.

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