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Created: 2014-10-08
Author: Oluwakorede Asuni Language: English
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Budget Management Budget Planning Finance Strategy Financial Sustainability

Who would find this resource useful?

This toolkit is aimed at those who have limited or no experience of budgeting. Perhaps you have not been involved in running an organisation or project before, or not been involved in the financial management side before. Now you are faced with budgeting and you are not sure where to start. In this case, this toolkit is for you.


An organisation might use this resource when….

  • When you have done your strategic planning and operational planning and now need to know how much money you need to deliver your plans.
  • When you need to work out how much it would cost to run a particular project or programme
  • When you are approaching a donor to fund a certain aspect of your work


How can this resource help?

This toolkit provides guidance on how to go about developing and monitoring a budget. It will help you with an overall organisational budget as well as a budget for a specific project. It includes tools for estimating costs as well as tips for ensuring your budgets meet the needs of your organisation or project. It also gives examples of actual budgets and how they can be monitored.

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