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Action Planning

Created: 2012-11-13
Author: Janet Shapiro Language: English
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Who would find this resource useful?

Those who have had only limited experience in planning, are still unsure of how to plan your activities, or feel unsure that you are “doing it right”

An organisation might use this resource….

  • When you need to plan operationally, on the basis of a strategic planning process, and to make a distinction between strategic planning and operational or action planning.
  • When you need some ideas to help you develop an action planning process.
  • When you are ready to move a new organisation or project from the strategic planning phase to the operational phase.
  • When you feel you need to review your operational plans because, for example, your strategy has changed.

How can this resource help?

This toolkit provides a model for taking an organisation through an action planning process.  It takes the user through a basic action planning format, step-by-step, covering all the key elements.  By following the format, any project or organisation should be able to prepare a comprehensive action plan, in the context of a strategic planning framework.

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