Selamatkan Yaki

Selamatkan Yaki is an Indonesian conservation organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of the Sulawesi crested black macaque, locally known as the "yaki." Crested black macaques (Macaca nigra) are a primate species endemic to Sulawesi, Indonesia, and are critically endangered due to habitat loss, hunting, and other threats. The Selamatkan Yaki Vision: Macaca nigra flourish as self-sustaining populations in their native and non-native habitat within healthy, balanced and well-protected ecosystems and are recognised as a symbol of local and national pride. Mission: To ensure self-sustaining populations of Macaca nigra are in their native habitat through reduction of threats, protection of habitat and connectivity between populations. To facilitate behaviour change in people throughout Indonesia, particularly in Sulawesi, by being made aware of the ecological and cultural importance of M. nigra and creating the conditions for social change. This is achieved through: Habitat Conservation: Working to protect and preserve the natural habitats of crested black macaques, which are often threatened by deforestation and human activities. Anti-Poaching Efforts: Combating illegal hunting and poaching, which pose significant threats to the survival of the crested black macaque. Community Involvement: Engaging local communities in conservation efforts and promoting sustainable practices that benefit both people and wildlife. Research and Monitoring: Conducting scientific research to understand the behavior, ecology, and population dynamics of crested black macaques, which is crucial for developing effective conservation strategies. Education and Awareness: Raising awareness about the importance of conserving the yaki and its habitat through educational programs, outreach activities, and partnerships - all grounded in behavioral science.