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Case Study

Skills Mapping & Prioritisation for the Pogány-havas Association

Synopsis  The Pogány-havas Association works to conserve mountain hay meadows in Romania, which are among the most biodiverse in Europe but are at immediate risk from abandonment or conversion into sheep pasture.  With a broad mandate and many varied projects, we were overwhelmed by a sense of obligation to communicate and justify…
Case Study

Core Administration Fundraising for Long-term Strength and Sustainability

Synopsis Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) is Nigeria’s foremost environmental conservation organisation. Established as a non- governmental organisation in 1980 and registered in 1982, NCF has a vision of a Nigeria where people prosper while living in harmony with nature. It is a membership organisation and maintains a leading voice on…
Created: 2012-11-16 Language: EN
Case Study

Bird Conservation Nepal's Efforts on Membership Growth

Bird Conservation Nepal Bird Conservation Nepal is the leading organization in Nepal, focusing on the conservation of birds, their habitats and sites. It seeks to promote interests in birds among the general public, encourage research in birds and identify major threats to birds' continued survival. BCN is a membership-based organization…
Created: 2012-11-16 Language: EN
Case Study

Ya’axché’s Experience of Strategic and Operational Planning

Synopsis Ya’axché is a local Belizean organisation that works to maintain healthy forests, rivers and reefs in the Maya Golden Landscape. The organisation’s core challenges include financial sustainability and linking its monitoring activities to overall program effectiveness. Ya’axché conducted a participatory strategic planning process resulting in a simple but comprehensive…
Created: 2012-11-12 Language: EN