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Training Design and Facilitation – A Trainer’s Manual

Créé 2015-01-22
Author: Patricia Fredericks, Susan Stone Langue : Anglais
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Formation communautaire Facilitation Conception de la formation

From the original document:

This section of the course manual, Adapting to a Changing Climate, contains three sessions intended to assist the trainer in both designing and delivering a successful training workshop. These sessions on Training Design and Facilitation Skills are intended to be delivered as part of the training of trainers course, but they can also be used as a separate training on these skills.


Session 1. Training Design is intended to provide basic insights into the needs of adult or community learners; to assist trainers to create a good environment for participants to gain new knowledge and skills; and to help participants understand how to apply their existing knowledge and experience to new situations.


Session 2. Facilitation Skills provides insights into the skills a trainer will need and how good facilitation skills can help a trainer achieve the learning objectives of the training. The session also provides guidance to help the trainer manage some of the challenges of conducting a training workshop, including how to make sure all participants have a voice.
Session 3. Training Practice creates the opportunity for participants to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a technical topic and their skills in training design and facilitation.


The information contained in these sessions will provide basic information to persons new to training as well as provide a refresher course or new ideas to persons experienced in training adult learners.


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