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Better Evaluation

Créé 2023-01-11
Author: Better Evaluation Langue : English , French , Portuguese
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Collecte de données Impacts Plan de suivi Résultats (Outcomes) Résultats (Outputs)

Who would find this resource useful?

Anyone looking to learn more about, and find practical guidance, monitoring and evaluation approaches for conservation and development projects.

An organisation might use this tool when…

Planning and designing monitoring and evaluation activities.

How can this resource help?

BetterEvaluation guides you through the rapidly expanding range of choices available to you when planning and designing evaluation activities. With BetterEvaluation you can find and discover options and useful resources, share your experiences and learn with peers. Resources cover methods such as most significant change, outcome mapping, participatory evaluation and so on. has information and guidance on more than 300 methods and processes used in evaluation. also hosts thousands of evaluation resources, detailed information on evaluation approaches and themes, blogs from evaluation experts, as well as guides and tools such as the Manager’s guide to evaluation, and the GeneraTOR Terms of Reference generator.

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