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Becoming agile: A guide to building adaptive resilience

Créé 2022-07-18
Author: Venkataraman Nilakant and Bernard Walker Langue : Anglais
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A guide to building adaptive resilience

Who would find this resource useful?
All conservation organisations looking to anticipate and then adapt to changing circumstances to build long term organisational resilience.

How can this resource help?
The resilience approach centres on developing those attributes that make organisations flexible and agile, so they can deal with unanticipated events. Adaptive resilience involves the capabilities needed during a crisis, allowing an organisation to adapt to a situation that is outside its experience.

Building adaptive resilience in organisations is a long-term process. This booklet outlines the stages in the process, starting with clarifying how resilient your organisation is today, and then moves through a series of activities that foster greater resilience.

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